Our Cellar Door is a tasting facility within our barrel room. Unfortunately we do not offer meals, however there are several cafes and bakeries in the main street of Heathcote, just 2 mins away.

Location: 4536 McIvor Hwy, Heathcote Vic

Cellar Door Hours: Our Cellar Door is currently Closed.

If you would like to place an order or make an enquiry you can contact us at meehanvineyard@bigpond.com or via the form on our contact page.  

We wish to thank our community & customers for their continued support.


Code Red fire danger rating days – our Cellar Door will be CLOSED
Meehan Vineyard Policies
*Our goal is to produce the best quality table wines possible, from premium wine grapes grown in our own vineyard, and supplemented with best quality fruit sourced from suitable local vineyards. Our wines contain only 100% regional fruit.
*Our wines are made by traditional methods with a great deal of “hands on” processing. Sulphites are kept to a minimum
(2009 Shiraz contains 50mg/l) all our current wines contain levels below the maximum allowed for organic wines.
*Extensive quality control measures are in place designed to present to you , the consumer the best quality product possible. We strive to control every step in the wine production process. Some processes, including bottling, are not always conducted on site and as such it is possible for a fault to occur.
*Should you not be completely satisfied with any product, firstly and very importantly we want to know in order to identify the cause and secondly and more importantly we will happily replace the wine.
All our red wines are subjected to minimal filtration and some natural sediment may occur after cellaring.
Meehan Family